Dont Panic! Merge Gaming Network P2P Disabled Nov 1st - ???

 Don't Panic, Loss of P2P is not the end of the world Image File To all our grinders, get your P2P transfers in quickly, peer to peer transfers will be disabled on the Merge Gaming Network for a little while...?

Upcoming Merge Server Downtime: Tuesday October 23rd 2012

Merge Gaming Network continues to update the 6.0 poker software client - Professional Rakeback continues to bring you poker news...

Poker Maximus III Coming Late November 2012 to Carbon Poker

Poker Maximus III, Merge Gaming's (seemingly) quarterly MTT series, full schedule not yet announced, but details within...

FeltStars | BluffRoom Account Transfer Procedure Changes

Now we know why the FeltStars and BluffRoom transfers have been delayed the last few days...

Carbon & Aced Poker Have Segregated Player Balances | Merge Gaming Network

Segregated player funds, most of Merge has them.  All of the brands ProfessionalRakeback works with, Carbon Poker does have segregated player balances.

Merge Gaming's Final Bad Beat Jackpot Surpasses Half Million

Full Tilt Poker Sends Out Emails To US Players, Back in Business Soon

Check your email, Full Tilt Poker sent out emails to US players today about poker payouts from the Department of Justice (DOJ)...

BluffRoom & FeltStars Shut Down Their Merge Poker Sites

Both BluffRoom and FeltStars shut down their online poker operations with Merge Gaming Network...

Carbon, PDC, and Aced Monthly 10k Rake Race and Leaderboard

Carbon Poker, PDC Poker and Aced all participate in a monthly 10k USD rake race...

Merge Gaming: What Is My Customer ID and How Do I Find It?

Carbon Poker Customer ID

If you signed up with an agent of Professional Rakeback, we walked you through the process of retrieving this information at the end of your sign up process.  For those of you that signed up via the web page, we'd like to take a moment to explain what this is, why it is useful, and how to locate your customer ID number.